SH Basic - Low Res - Clear Background - A4_Brochure_Mockup_2A branded livestream from home.

Why the StreaminghouseBASIC® and StreaminghouseCUSTOM® solutions keep your brand present to a market at home.

Working from home can put a massive dent in your company's ability to be in front of its audience  And sometimes Zoom just doesn't cut the mustard for professional live streaming. 

The Streaminghouse Basic® and Streaminghouse Custom® solutions allow you, and up to three others to livestream or deliver Video-on-demand professional, branded, secure content to as large an audience as you like.

Perfect for:

  • Running a livestream from home but looking like a corporate event.
  • Reaching thousands of viewers at once
  • Running and event where all the presenters are remote
  • Lets viewers ask real time questions to presenters

If your brand needs more than a simple meeting platform, Streaminghouse has the answers. Download the information booklet by filling in the form attached or reach out and start a conversation about your brand and what's possible in these trying times.